About this Blog

This is my Blog. I made it just for funsies because sometimes i write stupid stuff and want a place to collect it outside of Facebook.

Stuff you will probably find here:

  • Koryu and Martial Arts in General
  • Pictures of my cooking
  • Bookreviews
  • Philosophical ramblings
  • Stupid ideas
  • Bad Poetry by a german guy


I think i will mostly write in english. But there will be also some german posts. But they will be marked.

Who am I?

I am a guy, living in Berlin. I train in Martial Arts. I like to cook, read and to drink tea. I am working as a software Engineer. Right now i am fat, but working on getting lean. I was also born with heart disease so being fat actually suckz ass. I can’t write good, but i am a born smart ass so i am doing it anyway.

Written 7th of June 2020